Contenders Boxing Club

8 N Washington St. Kennewick, WA


April 12th, 2014

Why participate in an art of fighting?

Boxing is not fighting, it is a sport.  A “sweet science” if you will.  Boxers do not get into the ring angry.  Boxers admire one another because they have respect.  Boxing is a sport based on skill and superb physical conditioning.

There is no such thing as a “natural boxer.”  No one is born with the knowledge of boxing.  It is a skill that is learned, honed, and engraved into the very fiber of your body.  Everyone begins at the same level, learning the same basic punches and same defensive moves…

Don’t become frustrated when you don’t progress as fast as you would like. Only time and training will bring these skills. Ultimately, you have the power to become a successful boxer.

Join us at Contenders Boxing Club for a unique training experience. You will learn that hard work, discipline, and respect are key virtues in life as well as in Boxing.